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Vegan Dandelion Bread – Holy Cow Vegan

A cake-like vegan dandelion bread infused with the deliciousness of dandelion flowers!

Make this delicious vegan dandelion bread and you will never look at a dandelion with a jaundiced eye again. The bread is tender, with a soft cake-like crumb, it slices beautifully, and it tastes so good that you’ll want to make it again and again.

Sliced dandelion bread with lemon glaze on a chopping board with dandelion blossoms on the side.

If you’re a gardener, you probably react to dandelions much as I once did–yank out the suckers before they ruin my yard! But if you’re also a cook and a baker, there are lots of reasons you should grow to love them, like this delicious vegan dandelion bread.

The bread is infused with the translucent yellow petals of the dandelion flower and with the sweetness of coconut milk. The dandelion flowers add a honey-like sweetness and beautiful color to the bread, but that’s not all: they also add superfood nutritional value.

Once I had set aside my prejudice against dandelions I grew to love them. Now a carpet of dandelions makes me smile. Everything about a dandelion is wonderful: the root, the leaves and the flowers are all edible and among the healthiest things you can consume, and spring, when dandelions are plentiful, is a great time to do so. I hope you’ll try this dandelion bread and tell me all about it!


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